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midnight_heron's Journal

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  • midnight_heron@livejournal.com
This is a dream journal, for one lunarflight.

As a dream journal, it won't make much sense anyone. Maybe to me. Maybe. This is for my own personal reference and tracking of dreams, as I find I type faster than write, and legibility is easier when typing, even at three in the morning after a vivid dream. I mean, spelling errors are about the same, but at least you're not squinting at a page going "is that q or an x?"

Rambling is very common when writing out my dreams. They are rarely logical and don't always follow normal chronology. Plus, a lot tends to be based on feelings and just that ingrained 'well this is what was happening, even if it isn't happening here' logic that dreams seem to thrive off of.

Some entries will be privatized, as dreams can be private. Some will be public. Most will be friends only, because that's how I roll.

Dreams are a source of inspiration to me, so many entries will probably branch off into how I can convert dream ideas into a story. These entries will almost definitely be friends-locked. I'm very possessive of my writing. If I trust you enough to share ideas, I'll trust you enough to read my dreams. Some dreams will probably be locked out from even friends. Because really, dreams are that private sometimes.

You can friend the journal if you're really interested in half awake dream ramblings.